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Cowboy Magic Krudbuster
Cowboy Magic Krudbuster

Cowboy Magic Krudbuster

SKU: CON7809
CON7809 Cowboy Magic Krudbuster More details...
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Product Details
An effective treatment for: SCRATCHES, Mud Rash, Saddle Rash, Grease Heel, Rain Rot, Winter Rain Scald, Dew Poisoning, Bacterial Folliculitis/Bacterial Furnculosis, Necrotizing Fasciitis, Pastern Folliculitis, Dermatophilosis and Staphvlococcal Dermititus. Kills gram positive, gram negative bacteria, fungus and common disease germs. Helps to prevent the spread of contagious skin disease. It works instantly: Laboratory tested 99.% effective with a 5 minute soak. It is easy to use: Soak the affected and surrounding area a minimum of five minutes by spraying or sponging on twice a day for 5 to 7 days. Repeat daily as needed. Use long soaks to soften scabs for removal.

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