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  1. Getting Ready to Ride

    Getting Ready to Ride
    Are you getting ready to ride? Do you “love” a sale? You’re in luck, because we’re having a “sweet” deal February 16, 17, & 18! Our Get Ready to Ride Sale features items 10-40% off. This includes winter blankets, saddle pads, saddles, and show tops. What are some of the wonderful deals on items that every rider or western wear enthusiast is sure to be interested in? We’re glad you asked!
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  2. How to Shop for the Right Blanket for Your Horse

    How to Shop for the Right Blanket for Your Horse
    The right stuff You want the best for your horse, especially when it comes to comfort and health. However, how do you know what’s the best blanket for your horse?
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  3. Caring for Your Horse in the Winter

    Caring for Your Horse in the Winter
    When caring for your horse in the winter, it’s important to ensure your horse has everything it needs to survive the winter elements. Just because they have a protective covering of hair doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from the cold and wind. Winter horse care entails providing your equine friend with adequate horse blankets, food, water, and hay. Horses can be comfortable outside in the winter, but there are a few things they need from you to stay warm and happy.
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