1456 Mayatex Luna Wool Saddle Blanket Oversize 40 x 34

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The Luna is a lustrous "Competition Series" show blanket that comes in 6-dazzling color combinations.

  • Woven in a tight weave with New Zealand wool.
  • Size 40x34
  •  7-lbs.
  • Six beautiful color combinations:
  1. Black/Marsala/Black Metallic/Ash Silver Metallic/Tabasco/Cream/Charcoal
  2. Black/Show Purple/Black Metallic/Ash Silver MetallicEvening Lilac Metalic/Cream/Chacoal
  3. Black/Mandarin/Black Metalllic/Firecracker Metallic/Ash Silver Metallic/Cream/Charcoal 
  4. Black/Lime Blast/Black Metallic/Lime Blast Metallic/Ash Silver Metallic Cream/Charcoal 
  5. Black/Franboise/Black Metlallic/Camelia Rose Metallic/Ash Silver Metallic/Cream/Charcoal
  6. Black/Charcoal/Black Metallic/Ash Silver Metallic/Cream