202 Reinsman Trail Dee Snaffle Bit 5 Inch

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3/8 inch Stainless Double Five Snaffle. 5 inch Mouth.  3 inch Rings. Stage A.

  • Encourages relaxation of the jaw because of the limited likelihood the mouthpiece will break down into the tongue or up into the palate. 
  • The Double Five copper inlay will increase salivation. 
  • Designed for the well-trained horse to comfortably carry all day long. 
  • The headstall ring aligns the mouthpiece at a pleasing angle in the horse's mouth and prevents downward rotation of the mouthpiece when rein pressure is applied.
  •  Comparable to an English Kimberwicke without the leverage element. 
  • Allow your horse to relax and enjoy the trail as much as you do!