89-44365 Myler 3 3/8 Inch Medium Dee w/Hooks Forward Tilted Port MB 36 L2-3

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 Myler 3 3/8" Medium Dee with Hooks with Forward Tilted Port MB 36 Level 2-3

  • Stainless Steel 3 3/8" Medium Dee with Hooks 
  • Stainless Steel Forward Tilted Port 
  • MB 36, Level 2-3
  • Copper Inlay Mouth
  • The 36 Mouthpiece is a level 2-3, so it's a good choice for a horse who knows the basics and has a good disposition. It's a great choice for horses with advanced training in sports that need precision control. 
  • This is the Myler alternative to a traditional mullen. Like the traditional mullen, the 36 is a solid curved bar that sits across the bars of the horses mouth, but it has a wide low port that allows the tongue to pass under the bit comfortably. 
  • The low port applies no palate pressure, is similar to the 06, except it's 1/4" higher and the port is tilted forward.
  • The Medium Dee with Hooks cheekpiece is slightly smaller than the traditional Dee and has slots for the bridle and rein creating a fixed rein position. A fixed rein position allows for better use of the Independent Side Movement, offering more effective communication between horse and rider. 
  • The upper slots keep the bit from falling forward and inhibiting tongue relief and effectiveness.