560-JJ5-K1W Circle Y Apex Close Contact Wool Pad

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Circle Y's Wool Close Contact Pad is designed specifically to fit our close contact skirt saddle shapes. Made from 100% steam-pressed wool - with absolutely NO FILLERS - is the best you can get and ideal for long rides.

  • 3/4" thick
  • 32" length
  • 32" drop
  • 100% Steam Pressed Wool
  • Shaped to fit Circle Y saddles
  • Oil Tanned Wear Leathers
  • Made in USA
  • How do you know which length to choose? Take the skirt length of your saddle and add 4” to get the desired length of the pad. For our short-backed equine friends, just add 2”
  • Will 3/4" wool be thick enough for long rides? If your saddle fits your horse well and you don’t need any type of correctional padding, then we recommend a 3/4” wool felt pad because it's enough protection to adequately protect your horse's back without interfering with proper saddle fit
  • Color: Bone Wool