Equinety Ultimate OEC 64 oz. Liquid

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Ultimate OEC from Equinety helps maintain healthy muscles, immune, and nerve function by packing powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial aids into one easy-to-feed supplement.

  • Veterinarian-developed supplement is highly concentrated and balanced with flaxseed-based Omega 3 oil, Vitamin E and Colloidal Silver.
  • Not only does it help optimize your horse during competition, but it also improves recovery times, increases stamina and provides optimal immune support.
  • Maintains healthy muscles, immune and nerve function
  • Contains Colloidal Silver that has been shown to have anti-bacterial properties to help fight bacterial and viral infections
  • Some data shows that it can help with gastric ulcers, as well as help maintain a good thirst drive
  • Helps nutritionally support the cells that are repaired by using Equinety Horse XL
  • Daily: 60 ml  
  • 64 fl oz = 30 day supply