F102 Reinsman Guardian Fly Mask with Ears - Teal

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      Reinsman Guardian Fly Mask with Ears - Teal
  • Ear styles are made with a durable, yet soft, fabric mesh that provides comfort and protection. 
  • All edges and seams are fleece or velvet lined.
  • Double Velcro closure keeps the mask in place, but can pull away for safety. 
  • Durable clear view mesh allows better air flow while keeping flies and small insects out. 
  • Ergonomic design lifts clear view mesh up off the horse's eyes and face.
  • Clear view mesh has improved visibility compared to other mesh materials.
  • Wash by hand for extended lifespan. 
  • Can be used under bridle. 
  • 60% UV Protection.
  • Forelock Hole
  • Color: Teal