Farnam Bronco e Equine Fly Spray

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Bronco "e" Fly Spray is an insecticide and repellent for use on horses, ponies and foals as well as a premise spray for use on barns and stables.

  • Formulated for better penetration of the hair coat.
  • Citronella scent.
  • Newly designed superior spray bottle is leak proof with an easy-to-handle, ergonomic design.
  • Kill and repels:
  • Stable Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Face Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • House Flies
  • Horn Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Gnats
  • Ticks (including Deer Ticks)
  • Fleas
  • Chiggers
  • Lice
  • Available in 32 oz bottle and gallon jug