Human Joint Charge 15 Fl. Oz.

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Joint Charge for Humans!

  • Increases flexibility and cushioning 
  • Recharges fluid in joints 
  • Accelerates recovery and repair 
  • HA, The Stuff of Youth
  • Over time our bodies produce decreasing amounts of productive Hyluronic Acid. This causes the gel-like synovial fluid between the cartilage at the end of bones to thin, eventually resulting in bone-on-bone contact that makes movement painful, especially if arthritis is present.
  • The good news is, JointCharge HJL taken daily can resupply your body with the HA it needs to fight stiffness, hydrate cartilage and ligaments and keep joints cushioned and flexible. 
  • The Magic of Mix-it-Yourself
  • Thanks to molecular composition that enables rapid uptake into the bloodstream, each dose delivers 90 mg of pure HA for immediate distribution to joints, ligaments and other tissues. 
  • The secret is our high-molecular weight HA concentrate you mis with water to transform the nearly weightless powder in this bottle into a crystal clear fluid the thickness of light olive oil.