Stall Mat Klips - 10 Pack Regular Klips

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Stall Mat Klips were designed to make horse owners' lives easier. Once they have been properly installed you hardly know they are there.

  • The head of the Stall Mat Klips are almost 3" across. The head has also been designed with a slight dome to it. 
  • When properly installed there will be a slight indentation in your mats. This is what makes them practically invisible. 
  • They are smooth for the animals to lie on, as well as, making them more difficult for the animal to catch and accidentally loosen. 
  • The body of the Stall Mat Klip is made of a heavy duty flat stock steel. 
  • Between the materials the Klips are made of, and the welding process used, they are very strong. 
  • There are a few other design features that make them easy to install and helps hold them in place once they are installed. 
  • Stall Mat Klips come in two styles: regular and right angle. The regular Stall Mat Klips are used on the seams inside your stall. The right angle Klips can be used around any exposed edges. An example would be to hold your mats down at your stall door opening, or to hold down a free standing mat in possibly your aisle or tacking area. 
  • Klips come in packages of 10 and 15. The package of 10 is used in a 10 x 10 stall. The 15 pack would be designed for a 10 x 12 stall.
  • Reasons to buy Stall Mat Klips:
    • Stall Mat Klips completely pay for themselves in roughly one year in just bedding saved!
    • Uneven mats will put undue stress on equine feet and joints
    • Your stall mats will become labor free
    • Very easy to Install
    • No more wasted bedding under your mats
    • Much quicker and easier stall cleaning
    • A level place for your horse lie down and rest
    • The domed design makes them smooth and safe