2018 Holiday Staff Picks - Western Fashion

The Wire Horse Top 10 Staff Picks – Favorite Western Fashion Items!

We don't just sell it, we live it!

One of the great things about working for The Wire Horse is that we get the opportunity to see, touch, feel, and smell all of the wonderful items that come into our store. And, of course, we purchase those special things, too. We thought it might be fun…and inspiring…to share our favorite things with you. This blog will focus specifically on fashion items. So here are our staff’s favorite things, along with the reasons we love them; a little insight into the wild and crazy bunch that is the heart of The Wire Horse.



Jenny J. - One of our Illustrious Leaders

Jenny J. is one of the co-owners of The Wire Horse. She has been a horse owner since her early childhood and has a vast background that includes not only riding and showing POAs and Appaloosas, but stallion ownership and training as well. Jen has vast experience in both Western and English disciplines and has more recently jumped head first into gaming on the Appaloosa circuit. Jenny’s daughter is also enjoying showing horses; the third generation to continue the tradition.

Jenny J’s favorite fashion item is the Noble Outfitters Cozy Cowl. She loves the style because it is so soft and cozy; the name says it all. It comes in some great color choices, too. Jenny says the Cozy Cowl is comfy and super practical, just like she is!




Julie –Our Other Illustrious Leader

Julie’s journey that led her to opening The Wire Horse started out when she decided to sew her kids show clothing. Her beautiful and unique designs prompted other people to ask her to make outfits for them. Along the way, she got tired of fighting the cumbersome hoods and tail bags of the time and designed the first Wire Horse spandex full zippered hood and Wire Horse Spandex tail tubes. The business quickly outgrew her family’s basement and The Wire Horse came to be.

Julie’s favorite things to wear are Ariat’s Team Jackets. She loves the quality Ariat is known for and especially loves the lightweight fabric; just right for those cooler days and SO SO SO comfortable. Julie says, “I’m a little on the chunky side, but when I wear my Ariat team jacket, I feel pretty darn good about how I look.”  We think you look great in anything, Julie…but glad the Ariat team jacket makes you feel great, too!





Jenny S. – Our Level Headed Store Manager

Jenny S. is another very experienced horsewoman that has been riding and showing horses since almost before she could walk. Jen has shown Quarter Horses and Appaloosa in both Western and English Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat classes, as well as being part of her High School Equestrian Team. Our customers love Jenny because she goes the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Jenny has been with us for many years and is our “go-to” girl when something needs to get done.

Jenny S. could not pick just one fashion favorite so here are her two favorite fashion items. She loves both the Wrangler Booty Up Jeans and Rock & Roll Cowgirl Rival Jeans for the same reason. She says when your body shape is “no hips and butt and little thighs,” it is really hard to find jeans with some stretch (but not an excessive amount of stretch). Jenny likes the way both these styles hug her body and stay comfortable all day.

    Rock & Roll Cowgirl Rival Jeans    Wrangler Booty Up Jeans






Mel – Our Super Shipping Department

Mel is our one-woman shipping department. Her attention to detail makes her the perfect choice for this position. Mel has degrees in both Animal Science and Equine Science from Ellworth CC in Iowa, which is one of the country’s top rated schools for equine studies. Mel has shown Paints and Quarter Horses in both Western and English disciplines and has been a member of Equestrian teams in both high school and college.

Mel loves the Luanna Hoodie from Horze. This is her favorite fashion item for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it is soft and comfy and is a little form fitting so that it doesn’t look boxy or baggy. She also appreciates that it comes in both women’s and Junior’s sizes, so it works well for Mommy/Daughter or Auntie/Niece look-alikes. Mel’s favorite color choice for the Luanna Hoodie is SWHA, which is white and grey.





Val– Member of our Amazing Sales Team

Val has always loved horses and became a horse owner after she was old enough to get a job and earn enough to buy and maintain one. She has owned and shown Quarter Horses, Arabians, and crosssbreds. Today, showing horses is a family affair with the next two generations joining her in the horse show world.

Val’s favorite fashion item is the warm and comfy Black Alpine Jacket #10023932 from Ariat. She loves the slimming design and the sassy faux fur collar. We all need some sass in our lives and what better way to inject some sass than with a stylish jacket like this one.





Dave – Chap Maker and Leather God

Dave has been working with leather for 40+ years. He got his first leather work experience in shop class, quickly found that he loved working with leather, and has been fashioning leather pieces ever since. Dave works in our sewing and repair department and is a huge asset. The Wire Horse is thrilled to have Dave as part of our team; his expertise and experience are put to work with our custom chaps!

Dave’s loves the Wrangler Men’s Rodeo Shirts. The big lettering and logo designs are eye appealing and the shirts are roomy and comfortable. He also likes that these shirts come in such a wide variety of colors.





Michael – Another Member of our Amazing Sales Team

Michael is a high school student who works for us part time and we love when he is in the store. Mike’s strengths are his attention to detail and his eagerness to help – GREAT traits when you are a business that stresses customer service. While not a seasoned horse owner like most of our staff, Mike more than makes up for it with his willingness to learn and his friendly, easy going personality.

Michael really loves all the Ariat outerwear and had a hard time picking just one style, but finally chose the Ariat Softshell Jacket as his favorite fashion item. This jacket delivers lightweight comfort that Mike loves and comes in several colors. We are sure Mike’s mom also loves the easy care fabric.





Beth – Queen of Purchase Orders and Data Entry

Beth is one of behind the scenes people whose job keeps things rolling along here at The Wire Horse. Beth owned and showed Appaloosas in her youth, but took a break while she raised her family. Now that she has the time to pursue her own interests, she is back in the App world and loving being involved with horses again.

Beth’s favorite fashion items are jeans and boots in general, but she chose Justin Boots as her pick. Beth likes the roomy fit of Justin boots and also the wide variety in styles that that the brand offers. Whether she wants short roper style boots or tall more fashion boots, Justin has a style to fit her needs.





Kira – Trade Show Specialist and Helmet Goddess

Kira has been part of our travel team that works the trade shows The Wire Horse attends. Her knowledge, expertise, and friendly attitude have made her a customer favorite. Kira has experience in several disciplines, including Dressage and English Equitation, but her main focus has been working with jumpers.

Kira’s is pick is not the normal “fashion” item, but safe headwear is important to her so Kira’s pick is a riding helmet. Kira says: I am ALL about minding my melon, and you should be too." Making sure the brand you choose is at the top of the heap as far as safety features, fashion has become a basis for choosing a helmet as well. Troxel's Fallon Taylor line has styles that get the job done AND stylish, just like Fallon Taylor herself.  




Gayle – Internet sales, Blogger, Company Cheerleader

Gayle owned and showed horses for many years in her younger days, gave riding lessons (which is how she met her present boss lady who was a former student and 4-Her of hers!), and has never lost her love of horses. She has a degree in Animal Husbandry from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!), which gives her a better understanding of critters in general, but horses have always held a special place in her heart.

Gayle’s pick for favorite fashion item is actually something she buys for her husband:  Cinch Men’s Shirts. The quality of these garments is top notch. In fact, Gayle says, “he has some shirts he’s had and worn for an embarrassing number of years and they still look great. They come in a rainbow of colors and variety of prints. But most important is the fit. John is a tall guy and the performance arm length is perfect without having to go to a tall man’s size. Cinch men’s shirts make shopping for him a breeze!”




Make Them Your Favorite As Well

So there you have it. The Top Ten Favorite Fashion Items from The Wire Horse staffers.  We love these fashion items and hope you will stop in and check them out and find that they are your favorite things, too.

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