Here Comes The Bride...And Groom! Western Themed Weddings

Weddings should be the most special day for both the bride and groom, and it is wonderful when their lifestyles and personal tastes are an integral part of the day. Western themed weddings have been popular for a long time. The great thing is they are not just for cowboys and cowgirls, but also for those who love the rural, simpler side of life. 

The beauty of western themed weddings is that they can be simple or extravagant or anywhere in between! Everything from the setting, décor, music, and attire can reflect a western theme, and the bride and groom can easily incorporate their personal tastes into their wedding plans. Here are some ideas to get you started on your western themed wedding, but let your imagination soar to make your special day extra special!


Many western themed weddings are held outdoors. An outdoor wedding makes including 4-legged family members that are often important to the couple all the easier. If this is your choice, look for rural settings that you love: public parks, grassy fields, sites near rivers, lakes, or ponds, and the like. You may need to get permission to use public or private property, so keep that in mind. Be sure to think about a “Plan B” for inclement weather; this could include tent rentals or any existing structures that could be used as a backup location. Room for parking vehicles is also something to be considered.

Indoor weddings do away with the risk of rain or other inclement weather conditions from ruining your day. Old barns are a great setting for western themed weddings. Just make sure the building is a safe place with no structural issues. Also, if you plan on any artificial lighting, be sure the barn has electricity or make arrangements for a generator to supply power.  Sometimes local commercial wedding venues have western or rural areas that could work with your theme.  Consider the number of guests you expect to attend to ensure the space will be adequate for everyone to be comfortable and not crammed into a small space.


Décor for a western themed wedding can be anywhere from super simple to very elaborate. Let your imagination run wild and brainstorm to come up with unique and special ways to make your wedding venue special. Seating can be as simple as straw or hay bales arranged to create aisles, or chairs can be set up and either left plain or dressed up with bandana fabric to play on the western theme.

Rustic wooden fences can make for wonderful wedding pictures without any additional embellishment needed. Table decorations can make use of mason jars, horse shoes, old feed sacks, bandana fabric, etc.  Simple white lighting can enhance the mood, especially if the wedding takes place at dusk or later. Be on the lookout for old wooden nail kegs and beer barrels, both of which can add to the ambiance of your rural, western wedding.


Selecting attire for your western wedding day gives you an enormous range of ideas from which to select.  The bride, groom, and entire wedding party can be outfitted in clothing from very simple to expensive “special” collections.


The western bride has plenty of options. Some brides have dreamed about that “white wedding dress,” and that is certainly a choice she can make. Whether store bought or handmade, the bride can choose from a variety of western wedding dress options. Whether long or short, simple or fancy, the choice is entirely up to the bride. Some brides choose a very casual look featuring jeans or a western skirt and a western shirt or jacket.  Again, this all depends on personal style.

Whether she chooses to wear a dress or jeans, the western bride usually likes to sport cowgirl boots on her wedding day. Here again, there are tons of options. Cowgirl boots can be plain or embellished with fancy stitching, and come available in colors from white to black and all colors in between.

Boots can be fashioned from genuine leather or synthetic materials. Genuine leather is usually more expensive, but also more durable. These are an investment that can be worn for years after the wedding day. Synthetics can be a less expensive option and are a good choice if the bride doesn’t wear cowgirl boots in her everyday life. There are also several toe styles to consider: pointed, rounded, or square toe.  Whatever the bride chooses, cowgirl boots help complete the western look for her special day.

There are also the “extras” to consider. Western jewelry, flashy or understated, adds a special touch. Prices range from very inexpensive to very expensive with loads of gemstones. Some western jewelry companies offer jewelry sets that include a necklace and earrings that match.

Cowgirl hats, whether with or without a veil attached, totally complete the look of a western bride. As with boots, hats come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Straw hats are popular for spring and summer weddings, as they epitomize the western look, but they also are cooler in warmer weather. Felt or wool hats are a great choice for fall and winter weddings.  Some warm weather brides also opt for felt hats because they have a dressier look.

Fit is also very important. The bride needs a hat that fits well and is not so loose as to slip off when she moves, or so tight so as to give her a headache on her special day. httpWhile the wedds://


Though the old adage says, “it’s the bride’s day,” the groom is equally important on the wedding day. Much like brides do, western grooms have choices. The most important thing to consider is that the groom’s attire should complement the bride’s.  If the theme is to be dressier, then the groom will want to consider western dress pants and a dressier western shirt, and maybe a leather vest. If the theme is more casual, the groom can opt for nice jeans and a western shirt with or without a western vest. Either way, there are numerous choices for color, fit, and style. Shirts can be snap style or button down; solid, plaid or print; long sleeve or short.

Cowboy boots are the part of the wedding attire most guys love!  As with the bride, the groom has loads of options. Color, style, material, toe profile, and height of the boot should all be considered. In addition, the boots must be comfortable. After all, there will be a lot of boot scootin’ after the ceremony!

Some grooms prefer no neckwear and a very casual setting; this is acceptable. But if the couple wants a dressier feel to their western themed wedding, grooms and their attendants can select traditional ties or very popular bolo ties for a traditional western look.

Cowboy hats complete the western look for the groom. As with the bride, the groom has an almost infinite selection of colors, styles, materials, and fits to choose from. And, as with the bride, fit is very important for both how the groom looks and the groom’s comfort on what could be a very long day.

Whether the couple decides on a casual or more formal wedding, there are choices galore to make their day extra special.  As with any wedding, planning is paramount. Make check lists, explore all options, and get ready to have the western themed wedding of your dreams!

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