Our 6 Favorite Things that Are Sure to Be Yours Too

What’s in store for you this winter?

 At The Wire Horse, we love Western wear and show clothing. If you live and breathe riding, our Western wear and show clothing is for you! However, with so many great items to choose from at The Wire Horse, it can be hard to know where to start. No need to worry, though, because we’ve got your back. To help you sort through our amazing line of products, we thought we’d share some of our favorites that we have in store.

 These are a few of my favorite things:

 1. Twisted X Shoes

Twisted X moccasins, cowboy boots, and cowgirl boots that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Primarily available in warm brown tones, these shoes also incorporate classic Western themes and Southwestern motifs that can be quite colorful! A turquoise, pink, or an Aztec motif with reds, oranges, and yellows will be sure to brighten up your day! Whether you’re looking for Western clothing or leisure wear, you’re sure to find a favorite!

Why it’s a favorite: My Twisted X Shoes are unique and have a definitive style. They don’t blend in! These are statement pieces treasured by those who love casual comfort wear, including myself. Twisted X Shoes epitomize comfort and style. When you’re done riding, take off your boots and slip these on and your feet will say thank you!

 2. Ariat Terrains

Endurance shoes from Ariat are made for the long trail! They’re available in a variety of colors and styles. Most styles come in brown, but offer various accent colors to jazz them up and match your style. These sturdy performance boots are waterproof and support your step while looking stylish. The heel grip feature also makes it easy to get the shoes on and off.

 Why it’s a favorite: Ariat Terrains are all about performance, but don’t compromise style. In fact, Ariat has even been featured in Teen Vogue! Ariat Terrains won’t let you down on the trail and will provide years of keeping your feet warm and protected. Ariat Terrains are hiking shoes that are elevated and redesigned for riding. I love mine! You can ride in them, or they provide great support for an everyday shoe/boot. They are available for men too! They also have an option for waterproof in one style each.

 3. Rock & Roll Cowgirl Jeans

Navy jeans with bleaching give these pants depth and life. These aren’t jeans that stay in your dresser; these are jeans that go places! Embellished pockets in geometric patterns take chevron embroidery to the next level. A little sparkle gives them an extra punch to boot! Get the perfect fit by choosing from styles such as riding jean, original low rise, or low rise. For the “Cowboy” in your life we also have Rock & Roll Cowboy Jeans! Options for men include relaxed, loose, and regular fits.

 Why it’s a favorite: Rock & Roll Cowgirl Jeans are perfect for riding, showing, having a night out, or simply lounging around! The pocket embellishments make them special and strategic bleaching is flattering to the body. Rock & Roll Cowgirl Jeans are sure to be a “go-to” item in your wardrobe. They certainly are in ours.

 4. Noble Cold Front boots

These innovative waterproof boots are engineered with Noble Outfitters’ unique design, inside and out. Noble Cold Front boots keep your feet comfortable and 100% dry. The boots’ foam interior conforms to your foot keeping you comfortable on your feet all day. 5.5mm insulating neoprene with a fleece lining keeps you warm on the wettest of days. The boots also feature an anti-microbial insole. Optional nature-inspired or patterned designs on boots’ sides make staying dry fun. You’ll almost wish for rain so you can wear them!

 Why it’s a favorite: Noble Cold Front boots are a favorite because they’re stylish, functional, and durable. They are perfect for when you’re doing chores or mucking stalls, and ideal for winter because they are insulated. They are also easy to maintain because you just simply hose them off! The last thing you want to think about is comfort, boots leaking, or spending undue time cleaning your footwear. Noble Cold Front boots give you that peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important.

 5. Royal Wire

When you’re riding the trail in your dreams, your equestrian gear also needs a place to sleep. Royal Wire offers hooks, racks, and holders to keep your clothing, saddle, blankets, and other accessories ready to go when you’re up for your next Horse Show or just looking to hit the trails. Royal Wire’s durable rolling baskets allow you to easily carry all your grooming supplies and keep it all organized. Simple shapes offer functionality and a classic look. Royal Wire is portable and works great in your tack stall at horse shows as well!

 Why it’s a favorite: Royal Wire is a favorite because its products are durable, classic, and keep your clothing and tack and equipment in order. When you invest in quality products Royal Wire knows that it’s important to maintain them properly. Your clothing and accessories deserve no less!

 6. Wrangler Q-Baby Jeans

Comfort meets beauty in these classic Wrangler riding jeans. From the classic asymmetrical “W” on the back pockets, to the sturdy material, to its ultimate fit, these jeans were made for riding! These jeans come in various weights of stretch denim and feature a bootcut style. Available colors include black or blue in styles featuring moisture-wicking and Booty Up Technology. Wrangler Q-Baby Jeans are made from cotton, polyester, and/or spandex.

Why it’s a favorite: Wrangler Q-Baby Jeans are fashion forward and perfect for competitions. Whether you’re showing off your horse or just want something casual and comfortable to wear, Wrangler Q-Baby Jeans fit the bill! These are sure to stay up and have a great riding rise. The waist band helps keep the jeans were you want them!


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