Top Trends in Women's Western Wear

Fashion trends for 2018

Manufacturers in the Western fashion industry started releasing their latest lines of women’s western wear earlier this year. Our staff at The Wire Horse travels and attends trade shows to stay on top of what will be the trends in women’s western wear for the year so that we can always offer you the latest in women’s western wear. We’ve been inspired so far by what we’ve seen – and it’s only March! We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve hand-selected.

So, where is women’s western wear headed in 2018?


What’s in this year?

From florals to flashy fashion statements, 2018 is the year of the cowgirl. Women’s western wear is being seen everywhere from the ranch to the runway.


How to wear it this year

Choose one or two Western pieces such as a hat, boots, vest, bag, or accessory. Pair it with florals, such as a flowing, floor-length chiffon skirt. Or, go with a dress as a base for your outfit. Choose large embellishments to feature and make a statement or do the opposite and be subtle. Make your outfit eclectic. Also, bling is back! And, cowboy and cowgirl boots are a classic that still looks fresh in 2018.


Women’s western wear tips:


Choose one or two Western pieces

Instead of decking yourself out in Western wear from head to toe, consider mixing and matching Western items with other genres to make the Western pieces you do wear stand out. A dress becomes the perfect canvas for embellished pieces.


Pair it with florals and flowing floor-length skirts

Florals are a great way to add femininity to an outfit and play off of a pair of rugged, chunky cowgirl boots, a masculine hat, or over-sized belt buckle. Play with pairings to find the perfect balance for your fashion sensibility.


Recommendation: Shop the look at The Wire Horse with a Wrangler Women's V-Neck Navy Floral Long Sleeve Dress.




Bling is back!

Or, did it ever go out of style? Either way, whether it’s studs and jewels in your vest or jeans, 2018 is a year to bedazzle. Another way to glam it up is to mix in a dark sparkly skirt.


Go with a dress

Pick a subtle floral or neutral solid as a canvas for showcasing your Western pieces. Especially for intricate items, giving the eye a place to breathe makes the special piece stand out that much more.


Choose large embellishments

Our eye is naturally drawn to the largest items in an outfit, whether it’s a bold print, oversized hat, or statement-piece belt. Pick out large pieces so they stand out. It’s a way to make any outfit special and convey your unique personality.


Recommendation: Shop the look at The Wire Horse with a simple Panhandle Ladies Gauze Peasant Dress Elastic Neckline Ruffled Hem black or teal sundress to showcase the turquois detail.




Pair it with an Ariat Blue Sunday Vintage Brown Croc Print Belt.




Act subtle

Instead of being bold, go the opposite way and only hint at it. Make people take a second look at your outfit by selecting pieces that are Western, yet not quite able to categorize.


Be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll

This is why we carry Rock & Roll Cowgirl jeans!


Recommendation: Shop the country/rock-n-roll look at The Wire Horse.




Cowgirl boots

Cowboy and cowgirl boots have had a place in the American heart since the early 20th century. They’re also a staple in women’s western wear. And how could they go out of favor? These versatile boots go with almost everything! From old Hollywood to super models to modern-day pop stars, these boots can be worn with cutoffs or dresses and can be dressed up or dressed down.


Recommendation: Shop The Wire Horse’s selection of cowgirl boots.




Shop the latest trends

At The Wire Horse, we stay up on the latest fashions trends in women’s western wear. Visit us at The Wire Horse or shop online for all of the trendiest women’s western wear. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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