6659 Shires ZEB-TEK Fly Boots

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Shires ZEB-TEK Fly Boots

  • MONOCHROMATIC TECHNOLOGY: Scientific studies have shown that stripes effectively reduce flies from landing
  • The ZEB-TEK fabric deters bothersome flies and biting insects , keeping them away from the legs to prevent discomfort and irritation.
  • Specially designed in ventilated Air Motion 3D fabric for increased airflow and reduced heat build up.
  • Stiffened vertical seams at the back of the fly boots keep them secure and elevated.
  • Lightweight and ergonomically shaped, fleece bound edges ensure superior comfort whilst touch close straps allow secure fastening. 
  • 80% UV blocking, helping to diminish the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching.
  • Zebra print fly boots
  • Teal trim
  • Set of 4
  • To wash: Fasten strap. Machine wash cold. Drip dry.