7311 Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Handy Rein

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Sharon Camarillo designed a rein packed with features for the barrel racer. Ditch the single rein and over and under. Now you can have both products in one.

  • This great design allows you to have performance reins and an over and under all in one!
  • The Handy Rein features Conway Buckles on the bit ends, 13" section sewn together for easy hand placement, and popper ends on both sides.
  • Use Handy Rein to remind a rider to slide their hand down the rein for better connection and leverage for training, practice, and competition, all while learning how to manage using the popper ends!
    • Riders who need help with correct and balanced hand placement.
    • Riders looking to ditch the old form of an over and under!
    • The practice pen in which riders can work more on their hand placement and stride outs.