760 Reinsman Seven S Sweet Iron Low Ported Barrel Curb Bit - 5 1/4 Inch

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The Sweet Iron Low Ported Barrel is a great mouthpiece for the horse that does not respond well to tongue pressure.

  • 7" Cheeks, 5 1/4" Mouth. Stage C.
  • The width of Reinsman's ported barrel provides plenty of room for the horse's tongue to pass underneath, and when engaged does not rotate onto the tongue.
  • This bit works primarily off of bar and lip pressure with some poll and curb involvement. 
  • The sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina which tastes sweet, increasing salivation for a supple mouth. 
  • The 7" S Cheeks have a fair amount of leverage and combined with the Low Ported Barrel make it easy to isolate each side of the horse's mouth for lift, bend and flex.