903 Reinsman Ring Combination Rope Nose Hackamore 5 Inch Mouth

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Ring Combination Rope Nose Hackamore  3/8 Inch 3-Piece Twisted Wire Dog Bone Snaffle

  • 3/8" Three-Piece Twisted Wire with Dogbone Snaffle. 
  • 3" Rings. 
  • 5" Mouth. 
  • 7 1/2” Cheeks 
  • Stage E.
  • Wonderful for older colts, young horses or any soft mouthed horse. 
  • Contacts the nose to tuck it, then gently picks up the mouth until the curb tightens for gentle but all-over nose, bars, lips, chin and face control. 
  • Works well with any type of martingale or draw reins.