9603 Reinsman Straight Fleece Cinch - Black

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Reinsman Straight Fleece Cinch - Black with Fleece

  • Fleece cinches provide plush comfort against the horse and are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Removable liners for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Roller buckles for longevity and an easy cinching up 

Reinsman Tips about Proper Cinch Usage and Your Horse’s Comfort
Cinch the horse in stages, and we recommend using leather tie straps with a synthetic cinch to allow room for lung expansion.

The front cinch should be about as tight as your belt – if it’s comfortable for you it should be comfortable for your horse. Do not over tighten the cinch because the tighter you cinch, the more pressure you create before you even sit in the saddle.

While it’s tempting to overtighten a cinch for a saddle that rolls – don’t do it! Check that the saddle is the correct fit for the horse. Try a different saddle pad (make sure you aren’t over-padding), a wider cinch, neoprene cinch, or flank cinch to help secure the saddle.