SD500QQ RJ Classics SADIE JR 37.5 Girls Short Sleeve English Show Shirt- White with Daisies

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Girls Pull over shirt with zipper placket with printed trim on interior collar and cuffs

  • The Sadie Jr. show shirt blends cutting edge technology with traditional styling to form the perfect synergy.
  • The fabric features 37.5® patented thermoregulation technology which has proven to help your body manage its core temperature and therefore, increase stamina.
  • It keeps you comfortable by helping your body to maintain an optimum core temperature of 37.5° Celsius (99.5° Fahrenheit) which is ideal for peak athletic performance.
  • The particles are naturally derived and work for the life of the product (it will never wash out!)
  • This style also features multiple trim fabric options and a zipper placket with snap collar to modernize this traditional look.
  • 44% Polyester / 44% 37.5 Polyester / 12% Spandex
  • Sizing: SMALL- 6-7;  MEDIUM- 8-10;  LARGE- 12-14;  XLARGE- 16-18