Shapley's Show Touch Up Color Enhancing Spray

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Show Touch Ups were created exclusively by Shapley’s specifically for horses.

  • Covers stains, scars, blemishes and flaws on your horse’s coat.
  • It can also be sprayed in tails to create a fuller appearance.
  • Show Touch Ups are safe and effective to use.
  • Will not wash off in the rain, smear, clump or wipe off.
  • Easily removed by an oil based product such as Shapley’s Hi Gloss.
  • Do not use an oil based fly spray over the color as it will remove and cause color to run.
  • Show Touch Ups can also wear off your horse’s hair causing no damage
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Palomino, Grey and Sorrel.