Wire Horse OT Chap Zipper Insert - Black Add 2 Inches to your Chaps

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Do you need just a smidge more room in your chaps?  Our chap inserts will help you add 2" to your chaps.

  • The main part of the insert is an elasticized panel that offers a bit of stretch for a snug fit.
  • This insert has a zipper on each side so that it easily zips into your chaps adding the additional 2". 
  • If your chaps are designed so that the zipper pull is on fringe side of one leg and the straight edge side on the other leg, these extenders will work for you. 
  • The zipper teeth must mesh together for the best zipping. 
  • To select correct length of chap insert that you need, measure the length of the metal teeth part of the zipper on your chaps. Then order the same size OR the next size shorter. For example, if your zipper teeth measurement is 37", then order the 36" insert.  
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Black only. 
  • The images show the extenders alone, the chaps prior to extenders added and then chaps with extenders zipped in.
  • The Wire Horse Chap Extenders are designed to work with Congress Leather chaps and similarly designed chaps. If you are in doubt, please look at our Wire Horse HH Chap Extenders to see the differences in chap construction. (The Wire Horse HH Chap Extenders are designed to work with our own Wire Horse brand chaps as well as Hobby Horse and other similarly designed chaps.) If you still have question, please contact one of our helpful sales associates.