2612-9605-05 Circle Y Brazos Wood Tree Ranch Trail Saddle

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The Brazos Trail Saddle is the ultimate combination of ranch style and comfort. This beautiful saddle features a wood tree that provides excellent support regardless of your journey. Its design and comfort features, such as a tunnel skirt, neo-shock absorption skirt, and Hamley twist, are perfect for anyone looking to take their riding experiences to the next level. Idea lfor anyone who prefers a traditional western-looking saddle or for the rider that likes a moderately supportive seat with a 4" Pencil Roll-Rawhide cantle.

  • 16" Seat
  • Wide Tree
  • 13"Swell
  • Skirt length:b15" D x 26" L
  • Horn: 3" Tall, 2 1/4" Cap
  • Classic wood trail trees offer traditional wood tree strength.
  • Neo-Shock™ skirt absorbs shock through neoprene filler and conforms to the horse's back for comfort.
  • Tunnel Skirt™ creates a channel in the spine area to decrease rubbing, sore spots, and pressure along the spine. Allows airflow under the saddle to reduce heat buildup.
  • Double Buckle rigging can be adjusted between Full, 3/4, or 7/8 rigging positions. The free swing design allows more flexibility of movement while staying secure. NOTE: Saddle should be rigged the SAME on both sides.
  • Hamley twist stirrup neck is pre-turned. Helps create a broken-in feel and alleviates pressure from knees and ankles found when breaking in stiff fenders on a new saddle.
  • Roughout leather offers more grip in the seat for the rider.
  • Saddles with a hardseat are a timeless choice known for their unmatchable comfort once broken in.
  • 1/2 Mini Basketweave with Rope Border Hand Tool
  • Lightweight, weighing in at 28 lbs.
  • Built with pride in Yoakum, Texas!

• The placement of the saddle on the horse's back is essential to function and comfort. The correct saddling position places the front edge of the bar BEHIND the horse's shoulder blade. This is the sweet spot where the saddle will rest comfortably without interfering with the horse's movement.
• Here at Circle Y, we take saddle fit seriously! Often, we see riders over-padding on a well-fitting saddle. This can lead to poor saddle fit, saddle sores, and a sore back! It's a good rule to always check your fit and adjust pad width sizing accordingly!
• Have you evaluated your horse's topline conformation? A weak topline can lead to poor saddle fit. Horses with hollows behind the shoulder, asymmetry, prominent spines, swaybacks, and downhill builds need correctional pads to ensure proper fit. Check out our correction pads at Reinsman Equestrian today to ensure your horse's comfort. Call our customer service team for more info!

• 10-Year Tree Warranty
• 1 Year of Craftsmanship
• If at any point your saddle is showing craftsmanship failures within the warranty period, call Circle Y's customer service team to receive a prompt repair

Every new saddle has been oiled and then finished with a protective finish, so you don't need to oil it for about six months. You should oil it sooner if you're riding a lot in dry or variable weather conditions. The protective finish is water-based, so your leather can breathe. Do not use detergent-based, solvent, or harsh cleaning products. Rub the leather gently, and do not scrub vigorously with soap and water. For more information, please see your warranty card, or contact a Circle Y representative!